• newlightsaber

    Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens Trailer

    Needless to say, our jaws are completely dropped. We sincerely hope this isn’t a repeat of Episodes 1, 2 and 3… because this trailer is pure nerd sex.

  • News

    New Hosting

    We’re going to give Borg.Digital a go. So far the experience has been far better than with many other hosts we’ve tried. We’ll let you know how it goes.

  • Impetuous Spirit by Oneyear

    A Soldier by The Luminarium

    For years I sponsored a group of artists who called themselves The Luminarium. They are digital artists, photographers, musicians and writers. I helped their group get a foothold online by giving them hosting space for free for quite a while. I tried to help them here and there where I could, but for the most […]

  • Audio Post

    Whole New Day by James Mueller

    Greetings Gamers, I have been given the pleasure of sharing this track with you. This was created by none other than James Mueller. James is a soldier (Screaming Eagles) and an artist. He likes to take long walks on the beach and drops a phat beat.   Drop him a line on SoundCloud:¬† Or Facebook:¬†

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    Moving Servers

    Our host has proven incapable of handling an error on server-side to deal with a problem we’ve been encountering. The problem is causing downtime and dramatic slowing of various services and functions. When the move is complete it will be announced on the blog. Until then, content development will be stopped to prevent data loss.

  • 177-934x

    Time for a Reboot

    Howdy folks. It’s been a while since we’ve had any updates. Here’s the gist of it. Our site was attacked, repeatedly. Eventually someone got through, and turned our site into a tool for DDoS attacks as part of a botnet. We’ve learned our lesson. Security is tighter than ever. New procedures and tools are in-place […]